List Of Misdemeanors  

A misdemeanor is a crime less severe than a felony, and such is punishable by a prison sentence of up to one year, or other, lighter punishments like monetary fines, probation, community service etc.

For those who still are confused as to what a misdemeanor is, here is a list of misdemeanors.

  • Assault is the intentional and an unlawful threat either through words or act to cause physical harm to another individual through violence.
  • Battery is intentionally touching and causing physical harm to another person against their will.
  • Criminal Mischief is the act of willingly, and with malicious intent, injuring either public or private property.
  • Disorderly Conduct is a very generic term and can be used to refer to, and thereby control all kinds of unruly behavior, such as being a threat to another individual and/or being a threat to private or public property.
  • Disorderly Intoxication is a type of public disturbance, where it is illegal to be in a state of intoxication and thereby be a threat to other people or property.
  • Falsifying a crime report by either a small detail or even completely, which conveying it to any form of law enforcement officer is a misdemeanor.
  • Indecent Exposure is the act of displaying one’s sexual organs in either a public setting or in someone else’s private premises. Breastfeeding your child is the only exception to this rule.
  • There are several other types of misdemeanors like loitering, prowling, obstructing justice or petty theft, stalking another person, shoplifting (within a certain limit, after which it becomes a felony), soliciting or prostitution etc.

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List Of Misdemeanors

Sentences-For-Misdemeanors      A misdemeanor is a crime which is not as severe as a felony, and as such, does not have a very serious punishment or a lot of jail time involved. Nonetheless, sentences for misdemeanors vary, and differ from state to state depending on state legislature. While jail time for up to a year may be handed out if you are accused of a misdemeanor, it is served in a local or county jail as opposed to a federal or state prison. Other sentences for misdemeanors are also stated below. More..




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