Sentences For Misdemeanors  

A misdemeanor is a crime which is not as severe as a felony, and as such, does not have a very serious punishment or a lot of jail time involved.

          Nonetheless, sentences for misdemeanors vary, and differ from state to state depending on state legislature. While jail time for up to a year may be handed out if you are accused of a misdemeanor, it is served in a local or county jail as opposed to a federal or state prison. Other sentences for misdemeanors are also stated below. A monetary fine from small sums like a two or three hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars may be imposed on the accused if found guilty depending on the seriousness of the crime. And if any damage to public or private property is made, the misdemeanant is liable to pay extra charges. Medical bills are also charged to the misdemeanant.

          Probation is a substitute for incarceration, where instead of being imprisoned, the offender is asked to follow certain conditions as instructed by the court under constant supervision of a probation officer. Some common terms of being on probations are not to leave the jurisdiction, to be employed and refrain from alcohol or drug use etc.

         Community service is also a common sentence, where the offender is asked to serve the community by leaning up roads and parks, or giving lectures in high schools etc in lieu of jail time.
Other sentences for misdemeanors include jail time which can extend for up to one year (for serious misdemeanors), part time imprisonment etc.

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Sentences For Misdemeanors

Types-Of-Misdemeanors      Misdemeanors are crimes which are not very serious, unlike felonies, and are punished by way jail sentences of up to one year, or other, less severe punishments like community service and fines imposed on the misdemeanants. More..




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Sentences For Misdemeanors )
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