Types Of Misdemeanors  

Misdemeanors are crimes which are not very serious, unlike felonies, and are punished by way jail sentences of up to one year, or other, less severe punishments like community service and fines imposed on the misdemeanants.

         There are several types of misdemeanor offences, and here are some common ones.
        Petty theft is a common misdemeanor which involves stealing or illegally taking another person’s property without that person’s consent. For small articles or small sums of money, the punishment isn’t large and is classified as a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony where larger sums of money are at stake.

        Prostitution is another type of misdemeanor. Prostitution entails engaging in sex acts for hire, and is considered a deviant or illegal profession, and hence prostitution is treated as a misdemeanor.

         Public intoxication (IP) is quite a common misdemeanor, and refers to drunk or disorderly behavior under the influence of alcohol. This is a very small misdemeanor and law enforcers usually take a rather lenient approach towards it unless the individual in question causes severe damage to public or private property while intoxicated.

          Simple assault may refer to either violence against another person or the threat of violence against another person as per different jurisdictions. Simple assault implies that much bodily harm or severe injuries are not inflicted, and is a common misdemeanor.

          Disorderly conduct is the term used to apprehend people engaging in disruptive behavior affecting themselves and others, but presenting no danger to the public otherwise.

          Other, more common misdemeanors include vandalism, trespass, drug possession (usually only marijuana), reckless driving etc. 

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Types Of Misdemeanors

What-Are-Misdemeanor-Offenses      A misdemeanor offense is an illegal act which is not as severe as compared to a felony, but more serious as compared to a regulatory offense. According to the United States Federal Government, a misdemeanor is a crime which is punishable by incarceration of one year or less. This general rule holds for all countries, and anything more than a year is usually classified as a felony and is a far more serious crime as compared to misdemeanor offenses. More..




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Types Of Misdemeanors )
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