Elements Of First Degree Murder  

First-degree murder is considered one of the most serious offences committed by an individual. Different states have different rules and laws to classify a first-degree murder. However, for a person to be charged with an offence of this magnitude, the following conditions have to be fulfilled:

  • The victim should have been killed with a prior intention and not just by mistake. The killing should be unlawful and illegal under any circumstances in any court of law.
  • The guilty should have a malicious intent for committing the murder. If the murderer committed the crime with the sole intention of torturing his victim for no apparent fault of the victim and subjected him to physical and mental torture before brutally killing him, he is liable to be persecuted under first degree murder.
  • If the guilty had a premeditated intention before committing the murder, the offence is punishable under first-degree. That is, the murderer should have weighed all options possible and planned much in advance before committing the murder. The circumstances, the time of murder and the place for committing the murder should have been well thought of before committing the assault. In such cases, the murder is classified as first degree. If a person killed someone out of rage or as self-defense or without prior thinking or planning, it does not amount to first degree murder.
  • The time and location of the murder should be verified and proven for the person to be persecuted.

If either one or more of the aforementioned conditions are not met or proven, the person cannot be charged under first-degree.

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Elements Of First Degree Murder

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