List Of Famous Murder Cases  

Irrespective of the stringent rules and laws against committing such hideous crimes, murders are committed for various reasons on a daily basis. Reading a murder report in the newspaper or watching the same on television has become a daily affair. However, a handful of murder cases have caught the world by surprise and shock. Killing a celebrity, politician or any famous personality automatically draws a lot of attention and criticism from all quarters.

Listed below are a few famous murder cases the world has witnessed in the recent past:

Robert Blake: A popular television personality, he was arrested in 2002 for killing his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley. He was charged with one count of murder and two counts of solicitation. However, he was sentenced for murder and one count of solicitation and impassioned. The other case of solicitation was dismissed by the court after thorough investigation.

Elizabeth Short: This is by far one of the most mysterious murders until date. Short, 22 years old, was murdered in 1947 in one of the most horrifying and brutal manner. Her body was cut into half and left to decompose in the Los Angeles Park. The interesting part of the murder plot being that nearly sixty people confessed to committing the crime, but none of them could be charged with foolproof evidence, making this one of the few unsolved murders until today.

Cheryl Crane: This young woman went through harrowing experiences in her life when she was repeatedly raped by numerous stepfathers, making her mentally troubled. She was charged with killing a famous mobster Johnny Stompanato, who also happened to be her mother’s lover, on April 4, 1958.

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List Of Famous Murder Cases

What-Is-Second-Degree-Murder      Second-degree murder can be defined as a circumstantial manner in which a person was killed without the act being preplanned or premeditated. Different states have different laws for terming a murder as second degree. The person’s main intention in such cases is to harm the victim physically but not kill the person. The attack is not planned in such cases but instead happens out of chance. Manslaughter is one of the common crimes charged as second degree. More..




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