What Is Perjury In Bankruptcy ?  

When a person files for bankruptcy, he has to ensure that he lists all his assets and properties. If a person deliberately leaves something out with the hope that it will not get noticed, he could face serious problems, which can include dismissal of bankruptcy, denial of a discharge or criminal prosecution for perjury or bankruptcy fraud.

So, what is perjury in bankruptcy? It is deliberately and intentionally not listing all your assets and properties when filing for bankruptcy. Perjury in bankruptcy can also occur when a person intentionally leaves out a creditor with the hopes that he would not have to pay the creditor after going bankrupt.

Remember, all creditors must be listed. If you do not do it, it will be considered as perjury in bankruptcy or bankruptcy fraud. In addition, a debt that is deliberately left off when filing for bankruptcy cannot be discharged as per bankruptcy laws prevalent in the United States. That is why you should take care when filling up the forms. It is of utmost importance that you also mention debts where you are a co-debtor or debts that are under dispute.

Usually it is up to the bankruptcy court to decide whether a person has perjured himself when filing his bankruptcy application. That is why people who are filing bankruptcy are always told to seek help from a professional bankruptcy lawyer. This will ensure that the forms are filled out correctly and completely, and that you do not miss out your assets, properties and debts advertently or inadvertently.

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What Is Perjury In Bankruptcy

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