Arm Robbery Sentencing Times  

Robbery is seizing personal property or money of another person or establishment without having any intentions of returning it. In order for this act to be termed as robbery, the person robbing has to use force, threat, violence or instill fear. If a deadly when like a gun is used to stage a robbery, it is termed as armed robbery.

Armed robbery is first degree felony and in this type of robbery, the victim either sustains injury or feels threatened by the person staging the robbery.
A charge of armed robbery should be taken very seriously because the sentencing time can be severe if the person is convicted of the crime. Many states mete out harsh punishment for armed robbery. Beside facing incarceration, the a person convicted will also bear the stigma of felony on his record which could rule him out of future employment, inability to get credit card, insurance or loans, and may not be also unable to rent a home.

The fact that most armed robberies are violent in nature, prosecutors are very aggressive when it comes to getting a conviction.

Armed robbery sentencing time varies from state to state in the US. However, nearly all states label it as a serious crime and punishments are equally severe. A person convicted of armed robbery could be sentenced for up to 40 years. Some states have enhanced sentencing for violent crimes like armed robbery. For instance, armed robbery sentencing time in Colorado will be longer than a state that does not have enhanced sentencing. In Illinois, armed robbery is Class X felony and this automatically means that a convicted person is staring at a 6 to 30 year prison sentence.

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Arm Robbery Sentencing Times

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