Criminology Assault And Robbery Theories  

Criminology is considered to be a branch of social studies which involves the study of crime not just in an individual but also in the society at large.

Criminology draws on research from sociology and psychology and it also takes into consideration the law and through this criminologists try to figure out incidence of crime, types of crime, their causes and consequences of crime.

There are different types of theories put forward by criminologists to explain why assault and robbery path is adopted by one individual and not by another. Here are some criminology assault and robbery theories.

  • Social Disorganization Theory: According to this theory neighborhoods with poverty and economic problems have a large population and these neighborhoods also have a highly heterogeneous population. However, social structure in these neighborhoods usually fails to develop and this makes it difficult to keep a social order in the neighborhoods' community leading to crimes like assault and robbery.
  • Social Ecology Theory: Right from the 1950s, social ecology studies have found that crime rates are usually connected with poverty, large numbers of buildings that are abandoned and other signs and symptoms that are a mark of a community deteriorating. As neighborhoods go from bad to worse, the working and middle class families leave the neighborhood and relocate elsewhere. However, a certain portion of the population is disadvantaged and does not leave. The portion becomes isolated from the mainstream society and thereby becomes more prone to violence.
  • Strain Theory: This theory is also known as Metonian Anomie. According to this theory, mainstream population always dreams of opportunity, freedom and prosperity. This is especially true in the American context and that this why the dream is known as the American Dream. However, if there is a gap between what the society expects from an individual and what the individual can achieve, there is a problem as the opportunities for each individual is not equal leading to imbalance and therefore, many individuals are not able to realize their dreams. This causes some individuals to turn to crime in order to realize their dream, while others tend to retreat or join subcultures like gangs or drug abusers which again propagate violence to fulfill the dream of the subculture.
  • Trait Theory: This theory is different from other assault and robbery theories as it focuses on the childhood of individuals. If a individual is brutalized during childhood either by his parents or peers, it will result in violent crimes during the individual's adulthood. Here the genetic inheritance theory is not favored and criminologist of this school of thought prefer to look into backgrounds of criminals to find out whether they suffered from domestic or societal violence during their childhood.

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Criminology Assault And Robbery Theories

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