Definition Of Bank Robbery  

A bank robbery is a form of criminal activity that involves stealing from a bank.


A robbery differs from a burglary in that it involves using force or threats to take valuable item(s) from people. A burglary, meanwhile, consists of entering a place unlawfully to steal valuables. Thus, a bank robbery involves entering a bank during its open hours and using force (or threats) to obtain valuables and run. On the other hand, if a bank was entered when closed, it would constitute a burglary.

         Most bank robberies are urban crimes that most commonly take place in large cities and towns. Many people assume that this is due to the fact that there are a larger number of bank branches in urban areas. However, this is only part of the reason why bank robbers normally set their targets on urban banks. Urban Areas have better roads and a large number of escape routes. It makes a quick getaway easy for the robbers.

        Urban areas also offer some advantages to the law enforcement division. Since the facilities are so well-developed in big cities they can respond to the crime quickly. A large number of bank robberies are reported during or immediately after the crime. They take place in the day light, with a large number of witnesses, and there is plenty of modern technology in the bank’s favor. This results in bank robberies having one of the highest rates of clearance with over 60 percent of the robbers being caught on the day of the crime.

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Definition Of Bank Robbery

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