Difference Between Burglary Robbery And Larceny  

Usually laypeople use the terms burglary, robbery and larceny interchangeably thinking they are one and the same. However, there is a difference between burglary, robbery and larceny. While they all involve theft, under the eyes of law each is different and each carries a different penalty.

Burglary refers to uninvited entry, or illegal entry, into a property with the intent of stealing something or committing another felony. In order to be charged with burglary, you do have to commit the actual theft or felony. Just the intent to commit theft is more than sufficient for the police to charge with burglary. Burglary is a felony and a person arrested and proved guilty will be imprisoned and will also have to pay a substantial amount in fines. In addition, there is stigma of permanent criminal record against the person.

Robbery refers to taking or making an attempt to take something valuable from another person. This valuable item has to be in the care of, custody of or control of the victim. Robbery involves the use of force, threat of force, use of violence, or threat of violence against the victim to intimidate him or make the victim afraid for his safety.

Larceny, also known as theft, is taking another person's property without his permission. The difference between larceny and robbery is that larceny does not involve threat, intimidation or violence against the owner of the property (victim). When a charge of theft is brought against a person, it is usually referred to as larceny and it can be divided into two types of charges -- petit larceny where the value of the property under a certain value, and grand larceny where the value of the property is above a certain value. Usually petit larceny is a misdemeanor while grand larceny is a class felony.

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Difference Between Burglary Robbery And Larceny

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Difference Between Burglary Robbery And Larceny )
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