What Are The Elements Of Robbery ?  

What many people do not realize is that robbery is an extremely serious offense. Usually robbery is when a perpetrator takes a value of item from the victim through the use of force, violence, intimidation or threat; and the victim fears for his life, his family's wellbeing or anyone along with him and relinquishes the value of item.

Usually when a person is robbed, he immediately reports the crime to the law enforcement agency. It has been seen that the likelihood of locating the offender is dependent on the time it takes to start the investigation.

Elements of Robbery:

There are primarily three elements of robbery. The first element of robbery is that a robbery has to have taken place. The second element is that an item should be taken from the victim during the course of the robbery. And the third element of robbery is that it should be taken from the victim against his will by force or threat of force of violence. The act is considered a robbery if the force used causes fear in the victim and therefore, he does not resist.

Usually robbery also entails assault and theft which are also offenses. Therefore, if the proof of robbery does not provide ample evidence of the crime, the law enforcement agency can charge the offender with lesser charges of assault and theft; or if the evidence cannot show the force or intimidation was used to conduct the crime, then a charge of theft can be brought about.

Again it is important that at a given time more than one robbery can take place. For example, if a group of people are threatened and robbed, then the number of robberies depends on the number of victims. Each robbery is considered to be a separate offense. However, when there is a group of people and all are threatened but valuable items is taken only from one person, it is considered to be one case of robbery and many cases of assault.

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What Are The Elements Of Robbery

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What Are The Elements Of Robbery ? )
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