What Is Attempted Armed Robbery ?  

As the name suggests, attempted armed robbery is when a person is armed with a weapon and tries to use force, intimidation or threat to take valuable item from the victim. The fact that the offender is armed with a dangerous weapon and attempts to rob makes this crime a felony.

However, the offender is unsuccessful in his crime either because the victim or somebody else fights him off.

A good example of attempted armed robbery is when a convenience store is being robbed. Usually the shopkeeper keeps a weapon to protect him which he can use to stop the robbery from taking place. If the offender enters the store with the intent of robbing it and the shopkeeper resists the offender and manages to chase him away, it will be termed as an attempted robbery.

An attempted robbery is also a felony and the punishment for it depends on numerous factors. First it depends on the state and its laws on robbery and attempted robbery, then other factors like the offender's criminal history and the weapon used.

Even in an attempted robbery, it is important to show the intent of robbing to bring about a charge against the offender. The fact that the offender was armed is intent enough. That is why people who are charged with attempted armed robbery have to seek professional help to get them off the hook. However, at times it might not be possible and the offender when convicted may face a minimum of 5 years imprisonment and may also have to pay a fine.

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What Is Attempted Armed Robbery

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