What Is Strong Arm Robbery ?  

There are two basic types of robbery. An armed robbery occurs with the help of a weapon. Armed robbery is looked on very serious by the law.

           The victim can sustain a great deal of bodily injury due to the use of weapons. The second type of robbery is strong-arm robbery which can be just as fatal as an armed robbery.Many desperate people, who are large and imposing in size, use strong arm techniques to pull off a robbery. There is no actual weapon used. However they use their large size, or large numbers to bully a victim into handing over his valuables. Strong arm robberies are most likely to take place in the cover of the dark, in lonely alleys or side-streets. A gang of robbers suddenly surrounds the victim. This element of surprise already leaves the victim fearful and unable to think fast enough to escape. The leader, usually the largest robber, threatens the victim and reduces him to a quaking heap. In most cases the victim gladly hands over his valuables, but this is never the end of the crime. To ensure that the victim will not chase them or alert the neighbors immediately, the robbers then proceed to kick and beat the victim until he is left bleeding on the ground.

          Strong arm robbers are difficult to apprehend because there are a large number of people committing the crime. Also if someone wanders into the crime scene, since there is no actual weapon present it is difficult to establish the intent of the crime.

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What Is Strong Arm Robbery

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What Is Strong Arm Robbery ? )
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