What Makes Robbery A Felony ?  

The definition of felony varies from one state to the other but when it comes to robbery, all states agree that it is taking another person's property or money by force, fear or instillation of fear and without the intent of every returning the person's property or money. But what makes robbery a felony?

Since robbery always entails force or threat, it is considered to be a violent crime and usually it attracts a felony crime. The degree of felony depends primarily on the circumstances of how the crime was carried out. For example, if the robbery involves use of gun or any other dangerous weapon, it will attract a more serious felony charge.

In addition, if a person has a history of convictions for robbery or any other crime, it is quite likely that he will be received a felony charge. The same is also true for a person who is on parole or probation. In some states a high degree of felony charge for a robbery is meted out when a person robs an elderly or disabled person, when the robbery occurs in a school or church, or when the crime results in the victim's death or the victim receiving grievous body injuries.

If convicted of robbery, a person can be sure of going to prison for a long time besides paying fines. The sentencing time for lower class felony robbery in some states is 3 to 4 years while a higher class felony robbery attracts up to 40 years in prison. Some states also have mandatory lengthening of sentences when it comes to violent crimes. A good example is Colorado where a robbery conviction will translate to a longer prison sentence.

A robbery turns into a felony if a person is charged under federal laws depending on the circumstances of the crime. A robbery becomes a felony if a person robs a national bank, if the property belongs to the federal government, or the crime causes obstacles for interstate commerce. A person convicted of felony federal robbery is usually incarcerated in a federal penitentiary.

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What Makes Robbery A Felony

Arm-Robbery-Sentencing-Times      Robbery is seizing personal property or money of another person or establishment without having any intentions of returning it. In order for this act to be termed as robbery, the person robbing has to use force, threat, violence or instill fear. If a deadly when like a gun is used to stage a robbery, it is termed as armed robbery. More..




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What Makes Robbery A Felony ? )
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