Definition Of Bank Robbery  

          A bank robbery is a form of criminal activity that involves stealing from a bank. A robbery differs from a burglary in that it involves using force or threats to take valuable item(s) from people.

            A burglary, meanwhile, consists of entering a place unlawfully to steal valuables. Thus, a bank robbery involves entering a bank during its open hours and using force (or threats) to obtain valuables and run. On the other hand, if a bank was entered when closed, it would constitute a burglary.More...


What Is Strong Arm Robbery ?

What Is Strong Arm Robbery            There are two basic types of robbery. An armed robbery occurs with the help of a weapon. Armed robbery is looked on very serious by the law. The victim can sustain a great deal of bodily injury due to the use of weapons. The second type of robbery is strong-arm robbery which can be just as fatal as an armed robbery.Many desperate people, who are large and imposing in size, use strong arm techniques to pull off a robbery. There is no actual weapon used.More...


Causes Of Robbery

Causes Of Robbery           Robbery is the stealing of money or property from someone with the use of force. Robberies are fairly common crimes, and there are several causes of robbery which differ from one crime to another. Here are some of the most common causes of robbery.The present recession and unemployment problems which have plagued everyone might have instilled a sense of desperation in an otherwise previously hard working and employed person. This might be a motive to commit a robbery in order to feed oneself or look after one’s family through tough times.More...


Famous Bank Robberies

Famous Bank Robberies          Bank robberies have always had some form of glamour attached to them, since the days of Robin Hood leading all the way up to the daring heists of the West with outlaws like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. This same kind of glamour has persisted through to modern times, where large bank robberies have become common knowledge around the world through the media.More...


Arm Robbery Sentencing Times

Criminology Assault And Robbery Theories

       Robbery is seizing personal property or money of another person or establishment without having any intentions of returning it. In order for this act to be termed as robbery, the person robbing has to use force, threat, violence or instill fear. More...



Criminology Assault And Robbery Theories

Criminology Assault And Robbery Theories

Criminology is considered to be a branch of social studies which involves the study of crime not just in an individual but also in the society at large. Criminology draws on research from sociology and psychology and it also takes into consideration the law and through this criminologists try to figure out incidence of crime, types of crime, their causes and consequences of crime.More...


Robberies Statistics

Robberies Statistics

Robberies statistics in the US give an indication of the robberies taking place throughout the nation. According to the latest robbery statistics, which are available only for 2007, there is a decrease in number of robberies taking place. In fact, when the first six months of 2008 are compared to the first six months of 2007, there is a clear decline in the number of robberies and other violent crimes.More...


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What makes robbery a felony ? - Criminology assault and robbery theories

Difference-Between-Burglary-Robbery-And-Larceny      Usually laypeople use the terms burglary, robbery and larceny interchangeably thinking they are one and the same. However, there is a difference between burglary, robbery and larceny. While they all involve theft, under the eyes of law each is different and each carries a different penalty. More..




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