Punishment For Sexual Assault  

Punishment for sexual assault could be severe, and it is always the judge who decides it.

           One of the most important conditions to punish a person for sexual assault is the proof that the person is to blame. The judge can put off the case for a couple of weeks depending on the complications.The probation officer who is assigned a case of sexual assault has the responsibility to prepare a report and attach evidence for the case. The probation officer typically begins working by interviewing the people who know the abuser and also prepare a case. A lot of information like the place of birth, record of crime, personal life and schooling is included in the report. All these factors help in establishing the sexual offense.

           When there is a sentence hearing, the victim is asked to testify the case. The judge will also enquire what exactly happened during the act of sexual assault. Questions like if you were hurt are also asked. Everything is taken into consideration like if you were hurt and had to miss work or how long it took for you to recover from the assault and return to your normal lifestyle. Even the factor of emotional scars is taken into consideration. All these facts put together help the judge put together a case and decide the appropriate punishment to the abuser. Also, the judge will check to see whether the person, who has been found guilty of crime, has had a prior conviction or convictions for sexual assault. Some people may be habitual sexual offenders.

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Punishment For Sexual Assault

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Punishment For Sexual Assault )
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