Sexual Assault Of Older Women  

It is common to hear about women and men who have been sexual assaulted. However, most of the people who go through it are men and women who are in their youth or middle age.

However, older women, who get sexually assaulted, are the silent sufferers. They are weak emotionally and physically, and also are as much susceptible to it as any other woman.

Older women who get sexually assaulted are known to be the hidden sexual abuse victims. They are hidden because very few cases come to the forefront where the societies can witness the grossness of it.

          A study examined the coercion and violence of older women. Most of the women in this category are 55 years and above. The victims of sexual abuse in the older ages are women who live alone. Also, older women are more vulnerable in all respects like emotional damage, physical damage and psychiatric or cognitive disabilities. Women who suffer from various conditions like Alzheimer’s disease also go through sexual abuse. Sometimes in hospitals, and public places. As much as you find it hard to believe, this is very true. There have been several cases among older women were physical evidence of vaginal penetration has been found. In some cases, even awareness does not help unless there is an immediate family to take care of them.

         Actually the victimization of old and helpless women has to be dealt with more seriousness by law and the society. The only protection for such women is to be prepared for their future in old age.

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Sexual Assault Of Older Women

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Sexual Assault Of Older Women )
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