Studies Of Sexual Assault In Islamic Countries  

Sexual assault is quite prevalent in Islamic countries. There are numerous studies and statistics of sexual assault in Muslim majority countries. Reports of domestic violence and sexual violence are uncertain but prevalent.

According to a WHO study in Babol, about 42.4 percent of wives were sexually abused while 81.5 percent have been psychologically and 15.0 percent have been physically abused. A 1996 study by the Human Rights Commission in Pakistan revealed that domestic violence in Pakistan occurs in forms of sexual violence, sexual torture, beatings, acid attacks and burning the victim alive.

A 2002 study conducted by the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences demonstrated that about 90 percent of married women were sexually abused, slapped, kicked or beaten when husbands were upset with minor household errors committed by them.

Rape in Islamic Countries

Most Muslim scholars believe that there is no punishment for a woman forced into having sex. But according to a Sunni hadith, death penalty is certain for committing rape. However, due to the cultural attitudes regarding rape in and the stringent requirements for proof of rape in most Muslim countries, very few reports of rape are brought forward. In case of sexual crimes such as zina or fornication, four witnesses are required to testify that they have seen an intercourse between the accused individuals.

Rape Stats in Pakistan:

According to additional police surgeon Dr. Zulfiqar Siyal, 100 women are raped each day in Karachi alone.

FCG or Female Genital Cutting, sometimes called as female circumcision, is more prevalent in Islamic countries such as Ethiopia, Syria, western Iran and Southern Turkey. According to estimates by Amnesty International, over 130 million women have been affected by FGC.

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Studies Of Sexual Assault In Islamic Countries

Warning-Signs-Of-A-Sexual-Assault-Occurred      Sexual assault or rape can be described as having sex or performing sex forcibly. It could have been done by a stranger or date or even a relative. Sexual assault of women is more prevalent but there are many cases of homosexual rape or child rape. More..




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Studies Of Sexual Assault In Islamic Countries )
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