What Constitutes Sexual Assault ?  

Sexual assault as most people think is not only rape or ultimate sexual act. However, any behavior that is sexually demeaning and makes a person uncomfortable, scared and intimidated amounts to sexual assault.

It could also include a sexual advance when the other person is clearly not interested. Any sexual act like touching, fondling, kissing when the other person does not like it, is a sexual assault.

Even the softer sides of it like forcing a person to watch pornographic videos or pictures or taking such pictures of a woman is considered as asexual assault. There are varying gradations of sexual assault. If it involves any physical injury in trying to force the person to have sex, then the matter escalates from sexual assault to physical abuse.

Sexual abuse or assault is unlawful and a punishable crime. A person can be sentenced to 6 months of jail and sometimes more. They may also be penalized to the extent of $2,000 as a fine.

A violation of a man or woman’s body against their wishes is sexual assault and nobody has the right to do it including the marital partners. Sexual abuse or assault is also a problem in marriages that go through domestic violence. It can come from either partner. However, the statistics of it remain that 85 percent of the reported victims happen to be women, and the remaining include children, older people and men. Sexual assaults are one of the problems that are plaguing the society and are also underrated.

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What Constitutes Sexual Assault

What-Is-Acquaintance-Sexual-Assault      A sexual assault is common with both the genders, and many people have gone through it and are still going through it. When it is brought to the notice of law, little but serious action is taken and only to be repeated at a future point of time. Only people who have been through this kind of an assault will know what the repercussions and the effects of it are. More..




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What Constitutes Sexual Assault ? )
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