What Is Acquaintance Sexual Assault ?  

A sexual assault is common with both the genders, and many people have gone through it and are still going through it.

When it is brought to the notice of law, little but serious action is taken and only to be repeated at a future point of time. Only people who have been through this kind of an assault will know what the repercussions and the effects of it are.

         There are many kinds of sexual assault like rape, demeaning sexual behavior and one unique type is the acquaintance sexual assault. A person who has sexual abuse on their mind or just the notion that they have to have sex with the person they have in mind, they will get friendly with them. It could be only an acquaintance and that is when they prepare to assault the victim by offering a slight notion of friendship. It is a mentally sick thing to do, but there are people who do that in the society we live in.

           Some of the common circumstances where this can happen are on blind dates or just casual dating. The victim who has been assaulted may not know the person well enough or might know them only through a brief introduction. Before he or she realizes, the victim is being sexually assaulted. The perpetrator may lay several plans to isolate the victim and take them somewhere else to try to coerce them into having sex. When the victim does not agree, it becomes a sexual assault.

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What Is Acquaintance Sexual Assault

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What Is Acquaintance Sexual Assault ? )
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