What Is Acquaintance Sexual Assault ?  

         A sexual assault is common with both the genders, and many people have gone through it and are still going through it. When it is brought to the notice of law, little but serious action is taken and only to be repeated at a future point of time. Only people who have been through this kind of an assault will know what the repercussions and the effects of it are.More...



Juvenile Crime Of Sexual Assault

Juvenile Crime Of Sexual Assault          Until now most people thought that only grown up men are capable of committing sexual assaults and abuse. However, that is not true, and there are several juveniles who are capable of sexual assault too. A juvenile is a person who is aged somewhere from 14 to 18 years of age. Sexual assaults in this category take place on younger girls, or sometimes on grown women too. Juveniles are found to be growingly violent and we often come across cases where school kids have shot their own classmates or school mates.More...


What Constitutes Sexual Assault ?

What Constitutes Sexual Assault          Sexual assault as most people think is not only rape or ultimate sexual act. However, any behavior that is sexually demeaning and makes a person uncomfortable, scared and intimidated amounts to sexual assault. It could also include a sexual advance when the other person is clearly not interested. Any sexual act like touching, fondling, kissing when the other person does not like it, is a sexual assault.More...


What Is The Meaning Of Date Rape ?

Attorneys Who Overturned Sexual Assault Cases Due To Consent              Date rape can be defined as a sexual assault of a woman by her male escort or date. The rapist is usually the woman’s escort. Possible date rape scenarios include by pursuing her to drink alcohol or alcohol laced with any sleep inducing drug or by exerting psychological pressure upon her and then having forcible sexual intercourse with her. More...


Sexual Assault In Culturally Diverse Populations

Sexual Assault In Culturally Diverse Populations

Anyone can be sexually assaulted at any given time. Victims of sexual assault are not just restricted to young people; even infants or seniors can be assaulted. Sexual assault in culturally diverse populations is a fact and people of color, people with disabilities, lesbians, gays and people from every race, ethnic, religious and social backgrounds can be sexually assaulted.More...


Warning Signs Of A Sexual Assault Occurred

Warning Signs Of A Sexual Assault Occurred

Sexual assault or rape can be described as having sex or performing sex forcibly. It could have been done by a stranger or date or even a relative. Sexual assault of women is more prevalent but there are many cases of homosexual rape or child rape.

The warning signs that a victim can experience after a sexual assault can be present after the incident or may appear after sometimes. Following are some common signs of sexual assault. More...


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Warning Signs of a Sexual Assault Occurred - What is the Meaning of Date Rape

Psychosocial-Consequences-Of-Sexual-Assault      Sexual assault is a persistent problem faced by women today. Every year, there are 500,000 cases of rapes and sexual assaults on females aged 12 years and older. This figure is given by the National Crime Victimization Study. More..




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