Penalties For Shoplifting  

Shoplifting is a crime where the person is caught stealing an item from a shop without paying up for the item. It is one of the most common kinds of theft in the United States and is on the rise at an alarming rate. The punishment meted out for shoplifting depends on the cost of the stolen item, the frequency of the crime committed by the person, and the situation leading to shoplifting.

It is a serious offence and in some cases, the person can get maximum punishment and tried for grand larceny. If the item stolen is less than $500, the punishment is slightly minor. If the item costs more than $500, it can be charged as a felony or even as grand larceny. In numerous cases, people think that shoplifting is not a major crime. However, the seriousness of the offence can have a permanent effect on the person’s identity affecting his personal and professional life. A repeated offence will place the offender’s name in the criminal records. The offender may not even be able to rent an apartment because homeowners would obviously not be willing to give their property out to an offender.

The penalties for shoplifting include:

  • Paying fines to make up for the shop’s financial losses
  • Appearing in court to deal with the issue
  • Losing a job in the company
  • Not getting employed in other companies or organizations making the person financially unstable
  • A jail sentence in serious cases
  • Preventing the person from moving to a different state or country.

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Penalties For Shoplifting

Shoplifting-Facts      Shoplifting is one of the most common forms of theft committed in America. The offender will steal an item from a shop and not pay for it, causing financial losses to the shop owners. In some cases, the person might alternate the price tag and get an expensive item billed for a lesser price. The seriousness of the issue depends on the cost of the item, the frequency of committing the crime and the real intention behind the crime. Youngsters are particularly involved in practicing such crimes for the “fun of it”. More..




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Penalties For Shoplifting )
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