Shoplifting Facts  

Shoplifting is one of the most common forms of theft committed in America. The offender will steal an item from a shop and not pay for it, causing financial losses to the shop owners. In some cases, the person might alternate the price tag and get an expensive item billed for a lesser price. The seriousness of the issue depends on the cost of the item, the frequency of committing the crime and the real intention behind the crime. Youngsters are particularly involved in practicing such crimes for the “fun of it”.

Listed below are some interesting facts about shoplifting:

  • Shoplifters are opportunistic. The crime is not preplanned or premeditated.
  • According to a report compiled by the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP), nearly thirty-five million dollars are lost every day due to shoplifting crimes.
  • NASP also states that the last 5 years has witnessed 10 million shoplifting cases.
  • One in eleven Americas has shoplifted at some point of time in his/her lives.
  • Professional shoplifters make a living by shoplifting. They need not worry about employment opportunities anyway. They account for a ten percent of the total losses incurred due to shoplifting.
  • A whopping eighty-nine percent children have had a direct or indirect contact with shoplifters.
  • In some cases, the crime becomes addictive. Fifty-seven percent adults and thirty-three percent children have openly confessed that it gets difficult to have self-control.
  • Retails stores lose $13 billion annually.
  • There is no difference gender wise. Men and women shoplift equally.

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Shoplifting Facts

Shoplifting-Laws      With shoplifting crimes increasing at an alarming rate in the country, the state and federal agencies have come up with numerous laws to tackle the problem. The punishment meted out to the individual will depend on the nature of the crime committed, the intention of the crime, the amount of financial losses incurred and the frequency of the crime. More..




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