What Is The Legal Definition Of Stalking ?


Stalking is a form of harassing the victim directly or indirectly, making the person feel insecure. As per the U.S. Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), a person is classified as a stalker if he repeatedly tries to contact his victim through e-mails or phone calls even after the victim has expressed displeasure over the person’s behavior. If the stalker tries to send gifts, damages the victim’s personal belongings or tries to inflict injury, he is termed a stalker.More...

Stalking Behavior

Stalking Behavior

Stalking is a serious crime under and is punishable irrespective of the justification provided for harassing the person. In numerous cases, the stalker turns out to be someone whom the victim knows on a personal level. It could be a friend, distant family member or an ex partner. If the victim has called off the relationship or is not interested in maintaining a relationship with the person anymore, he would feel dejected and depressed. The feeling of rejection will not go down well with all individuals. While some will decide to move on with the matter, others will take the matter a little too seriously. In such cases, the person might harass the victim through phone calls or e- mails. In other cases, the stalker might start monitoring the victim’s day-to-day movements regularly making the victim feel uneasy and insecure.More...



How To Remove A Stalking Order ?

How To Remove A Stalking Order

          Stalking is a major problem with couples, people in relationships and also women. A person who is consistently following another person and not approaching them directly is called a stalker. The stalker is just interested in the person’s life and wants to find out everything there is to know. This could be an invasion of privacy and in some cases a mere case of stalking escalates to sexual abuse or even murder.More...



What Is Cyber Stalking ?

What Is Cyber Stalking            Cyber stalking is a term used to describe the type of stalking where the stalker sends the victim unwanted emails, chat messages and also gifts over the Internet. They also keep an account of all the victims personal email accounts and keep sending those messages when the victim does not want to receive them.This is actually more dangerous than real stalking. In cyber stalking, the person, who is doing it, can actually maintain an anonymous profile. More...



How To Prevent Stalking Harassment ?

How To Prevent Stalking Harassment

While for some people stalking is a mere annoyance, for others is so frightening that they fear for their lives. However, it depends on the victim, law enforcement and society to end all forms of stalking. Remember, stalking is considered harassment and one should not keep quiet about it.More...



Legal Cases On Stalking

Legal Cases On Stalking

Stalking is a form of harassment which can take threatening proportions if the stalker is mentally imbalanced. According to studies conducted, 90 percent of the women who are killed by their ex-spouses were stalked prior to the killing. Stalking is something that does not get too much attention unless a celebrity is involved. However, many men and women have tolerated this form of harassment and threat; some successfully and some not so successfully.More...


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Legal cases on stalking - Stalking and sexual harrassment

Stalking-And-Sexual-Harrassment      Men and women do not like to talk about stalking and sexual harassment but both take place quite often. One cannot compare the two because though both are a form of harassment, they manifest themselves in different ways. However, both stalking and sexual harassment can make a person lose his or her sense of security and self-esteem. More..




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