Stalking And Sexual Harrassment  

Men and women do not like to talk about stalking and sexual harassment but both take place quite often.

One cannot compare the two because though both are a form of harassment, they manifest themselves in different ways. However, both stalking and sexual harassment can make a person lose his or her sense of security and self-esteem.

Stalking is a willful behavior that involves watching and harassing another person. In stalking, the offender tries to force a relationship with the victim even when there is no relationship and the victim is unwilling to forge one. It is all about gaining power and control over another person.

Stalking is a series of crimes that take place over a period of time and involves actions like collecting information about the victim, persistently calling, threatening the victim or the victim's family, trying to contact the victim through letters or emails, and sending gifts to the victim. The attention that the victim gets is completely unwanted and unwarranted. It is intrusive and the victim ends up living in fear.

Sexual harassment is also unwanted and unwelcomed attention and behavior that is of a sexual nature. It involves sexual advances, requesting sexual favors, making sexual remarks or statements, or trying to touch a person in a sexual nature. Usually sexual harassment is meted out at the workplace or in an education setting where the victim is promised promotions, pay hikes or evaluations in return.

Sexual harassment can be implicit or explicit in nature. The victim, like in stalking, ends up being intimidated and this fear affects his or her performance at school or workplace.

Both stalking and sexual harassment are offenses and person who is a victim of either should take steps and measures to report this to relevant authorities. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Stalking should be reported to the local law enforcement agency while workplace and educational settings have committees where a person can report the harassment or behavior without reprisal.

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Stalking And Sexual Harrassment

What-Is-Considered-Stalking      Stalking is a criminal offense and person charged with stalking can be jailed for a number of years. However, what is considered as stalking? The definition of stalking varies from one state to another but it can be defined as an act wherein the perpetrator repeatedly tries to contact or makes contact with the victim or the victim's family even when the victim does not want it. More..




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Stalking And Sexual Harrassment )
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