Stalking In The United States  

The United States Department of Justice sees thousands of cases yearly on stalking.

          Stalking is not just following a person physically, but it is also includes making unwanted phone calls, emails, chatting and any other forms of contact. It is basically harassing a person when they do not wish to be approached or disturbed. It is termed as supplemental victimization.Women are at a higher risk of being stalked. Also, in several cases, stalking leads to murder. Some of the types of stalking are making phone calls when the person clearly wants to receive none, sending unwanted emails or letters, following the victim, and showing up at the victim's door repeatedly without being invited. Even friendly gestures like leaving flowers when the victim has clearly said no. Also, spreading gossip about the victim is a kind of stalking.

          Statistics released by the United States Department of Justice reveals the following information. This is also for only the accounted cases where the victims have reported. There are thousands of unreported cases also.

  • During a period of 12 months, around 3.4 million people aged 18 and older were victims of stalking.
  • 20 females, aged 18 years and older, were victims of stalking per 1,000 females
  • Males aged 18 years and older were also stalked. The rate was 7 males per 1,000.  
  • People aged 18 to 19 years and 20 to 24 years are the ones who experience the maximum number of stalking
  • Out of every 7 victims, one victim relocated or changed residence due to stalking.
  • Approximately 60 percent of victims tend not to report stalking to the police.

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Stalking In The United States

What-Is-Cyber-Stalking      Cyber stalking is a term used to describe the type of stalking where the stalker sends the victim unwanted emails, chat messages and also gifts over the Internet. They also keep an account of all the victims personal email accounts and keep sending those messages when the victim does not want to receive them. More..




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