What Is Consumer Stalking ?  

Most people have heard of stalking but they do not have a clue when someone speaks about consumer stalking. So, what is consumer stalking? As the name suggests, this is stalking of the consumer.

Usually when a company believes that a particular consumer has filed a lawsuit or complaint against the company, it may resort to harassing and abusing that consumer.

This type of harassment of the consumer is known as consumer stalking.

According to experts, the company per se does not directly harass the consumer. Instead it hires stalkers to harass the consumer. These stalkers have the task of ensuring that the victim is harassed to such an extent that he or she retracts the complaint or lawsuit. Usually consumer stalking resorts to intimidation and instilling fear in the victim.

Debt collectors are notorious for consumer stalking as a means of collect due payments.

Many experts describe consumer stalking as gang stalking. The intent behind this type of stalking is to target the victim psychologically so that he or she is demoralized, sometimes even to the point of committing suicide. The victim, in turn, appears to me mentally unstable and therefore, is discredited and appears to be unreliable as a witness to the company's illegal and nefarious activities.

If a person believes that he or she is a victim of consumer stalking, they should not be afraid to speak out against this type of harassment. Just like normal stalking, consumer stalking is also illegal and you should not allow the perpetrators to portray you as insane. Instead complain to the authorities and make sure you keep all the records to prove your case. If you do not take appropriate actions, the stalkers will continue to work under the radar of the law enforcement and they will continue to victimize you and people like further.

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What Is Consumer Stalking

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