What Is Cyber Stalking ?  

Cyber stalking is a term used to describe the type of stalking where the stalker sends the victim unwanted emails, chat messages and also gifts over the Internet.

          They also keep an account of all the victims personal email accounts and keep sending those messages when the victim does not want to receive them.This is actually more dangerous than real stalking. In cyber stalking, the person, who is doing it, can actually maintain an anonymous profile. The victim is often confused and also scared because he or she does not know who is doing it.

         Stalking is a serious issue and also increases the possibility of unwanted crime like murder. Some stalkers go to the extent of hacking the victim's email or personal accounts and then look into all their personal messages. They can harass the victim by sending them personal email messages, derogatory emails, and pornographic material. They use the victims email account to subscribe to a lot of spam. All this is done at an anonymous level. Sometimes, stalkers also reveal their identity and do it blatantly.

         With the increase usage of internet tools and also social networking sites like FaceBook, Linked In and Twitter, people's email ids are exposed. Many people are careless about who they display their profile information to and therefore, become susceptible to stalkers.

        However, cyber stalking is a crime and is punishable. There are cops who especially deal with cyber crime, and the incidents of cyber stalking can be reported to that department.

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What Is Cyber Stalking

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