Protect Yourself From Telemarketing Fraud  

As an individual it is your responsibility to protect yourself from any kind of fraud or getting cheated. If you are vulnerable, then you will get cheated.

          So, one should constantly increase their awareness to the newer types of fraud that are taking place, and also keep updated on how to protect themselves. Seniors and older people are most susceptible to telemarketing and Internet frauds. One of the main reasons is that they are not completely aware of they types of fraud.You may get several phone calls asking you if you would like to get a loan, or credit card, or charity clubs and so on. One of the first things you have to recognize is how this person got your information. If you did not ask for it, then you should not be getting the call. If you need a credit card, you should go to your bank or a credit card company and they should not come to you. There may be genuine companies calling, but to decrease the chances of getting caught in fraud, you should contact the company. No matter how good the offer sounds never fall for it. Never give out personal information and not even your last name. Always say you will get back to them and take a contact number. Also, take a contact persons name.

         Whenever you receive an offer try to get them to send you some literature about it first so that you can go through it in detail. Only when you have thoroughly cross checked all details, you should go ahead with the offer.

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Protect Yourself From Telemarketing Fraud

Reporting-Telemarketing-Fraud      Everyone who has a cell phone or a telephone is susceptible to telemarketing fraud. People, who are unaware of such a fraud, are the most susceptible to it. The best thing you can do to avoid it is to be prepared and completely aware of such frauds. More..




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Protect Yourself From Telemarketing Fraud )
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