Reporting Telemarketing Fraud  

Everyone who has a cell phone or a telephone is susceptible to telemarketing fraud.

         People, who are unaware of such a fraud, are the most susceptible to it. The best thing you can do to avoid it is to be prepared and completely aware of such frauds.Learn to protect your personal information, including date of birth, place of birth, last name, maiden name and such details. Never give it out to anyone on the phone or emails, especially not when a telemarketer is asking you for these details when he or she is trying to sell something that does not exist.
If you feel someone is trying to cheat you, then you can actually stop them from doing so. Go to the National Do Not Call Registry and get yourself registered with your telephone number. They also have a hotline number and you can use that to register.

         Also, visit the United States Postal Service Department website and get their consumer fraud brochure. There is a lot of valuable information contained in the brochure and you will also figure out how to report fraud. Report mail fraud to the Postal Inspection Services and they will take immediate action.

        Save all the documents like emails and letters that you are receiving from the fraudulent company so that you have proof to substantiate your accusation or claim. If it is a phone call, then list the phone number at the National Calling Registry as fraud. This helps you and also other people. If you are receiving telephone calls, then note down the telephone number and the date of the call along with the time.

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Reporting Telemarketing Fraud

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Reporting Telemarketing Fraud )
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