Human Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia  

Around the world each year, millions of men, women and children are trafficked and use as bonded laborers in factories, fisheries, farms, streets and brothels.

And this human trafficking is a form of business which is estimated to generate a whopping $30 billion in profits each year. Approximately 200,000 to 400,000 men, women and children are trafficked from Southeast Asia which is considered to be a main hub for this business.

Many of the people trafficked end up working as sex workers in brothels in countries like Thailand, which has flourishing sex industry and sex tourism. Most of the people are brought from the neighboring countries like Burma and Cambodia with the promise of a job and high wages. However, once these naïve and gullible people enter Thailand, they are forced into prostitution. They have no papers or money and are too ashamed to go back to their families.

In addition, the brothel keepers intimidate them and at times they are subjected to untold punishments just to make them work. Most brothels also have constant guards to ensure that new recruits do not run away.

Unfortunately there seems to be a nexus between brothels and law enforcement agencies in the Southeast Asia. So, the victims of human sex trafficking cannot even go to the local law enforcement for help and assistance.

Human sex trafficking in Southeast Asia and all other countries is about luring people during the times of financial strains. Especially now with global recession, there will be sudden unemployment and loss of income source. This prompts brokers into getting people, especially women and children, with the promise of work and regular wages.

Although countries like Thailand have taken initiative to tackle human sex trafficking, there is still a lot to be done before an impact is felt.

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Human Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia

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Human Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia )
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