Facts About Human Trafficking


      Human trafficking is an ugly fact of our society that is prevalent even today. Many people, especially women and children, are lured with the promise of good jobs and salaries and then sold into prostitution or bonded labor. Human trafficking is not just restricted to intra-country trafficking but also inter-country.More...

What Happens To Victims Of Human Trafficking ?

What Happens To Victims Of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is considered to be modern day slavery where men, children and women are forcefully or fraudulent recruited, transported and harbored for sexual or labor exploitation. The victims of human trafficking are usually may to provide sex under threat and without consent. However, they are also used as bonded laborers to work in fields, certain industries like weaving and fisheries, sweatshops or as domestic help.More...


History Of Human Trafficking And Slavery

History Of Human Trafficking And Slavery

History of human trafficking and slavery is indeed very ancient. There is ample evidence that right through ancient times, affluent people kept slaves for physical pleasure or manual labor. Over 400 years ago, Africans were carried over the Atlantic and exported to different parts of the world as bonded labor.More...


Prosititution And Human Trafficking

Prosititution And Human Trafficking

When it comes to prostitution and human trafficking, it is heart-breaking to read sensational headlines, read sad stories and look at pictures of victims who have been rescued from eternal horror. Although many countries are seriously tackling prostitution and human trafficking, still lot has to be done.More...


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History of human trafficking and slavery



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