Cause Of Vandalism  

Vandalism is the type of behavior which involves extreme levels of destruction. Vandalism originated from the word Vandals, which was a Roman tribe. They were extremely destructive tribe, and held respect for nothing. If they were offended, then they would go on a rampage destructing everything that came into sight, like buildings, temples and houses. So, vandalism is a behavior like that and when a person is angry, they could damage public property and more. Everything that is beautiful and vulnerable is threatened.

There have been several instances of vandalism in the country and it can be caused due to anger that comes out of hate, unreasonableness, ruthlessness, disagreement or even deprivation of rights. Even painting graffiti is seen as vandalistic behavior in the United States.

It is a kind of spontaneous and also an opportunist behavior. This is mostly exhibited by youngsters who want to be a gang hero or show that they are brave. This mainly caused by gang cultures who want to reach the heights of superiority in their own gang. Being a gang leader is a glamorous role for them to play with so many others looking up to them for all the wrong things. This kind of behavior can be frequently noticed in colleges and schools where children paint obscene things on the walls through graffiti. The punishment for vandalism can be severe sometimes, and in some countries there are stringent rules against vandalism. There is a no tolerance issue in Singapore for such behavior and perpetrators can be punished severely.

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Cause Of Vandalism

Facts-On-Vandalism      Vandalism is a kind of behavior where people get into destruction of public property and do not care what they are damaging. Vandalism is a term derived from the Roman language and it represents a tribe. Vandals were an ancient Roman tribe who were known for their destruction, and they would destruct anything that came their way. If they were angered, then they could destroy beautiful architectural buildings and also other public property. More..




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Cause Of Vandalism )
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