Define Key Laws Used In Blue And White Collar Crimes  

White collar crimes are the kind of crimes that are nonviolent. In the United States of America, jobs held by people are classified as basically two types. One is the blue collar jobs which are mode to do with manual labor and people in such positions mostly earn wages more than salaries.

White collar jobs usually refer to jobs that are held by politicians for example o something that are held by the educated class. Crimes exist in both the classes. White or blue collar crimes are not harmful or violent to the society. They do not endanger the lives of others through violence. However, there is no fixed definition to define the white or blue collar crimes. There can be several crimes like fraud, bribery, cheating, misleading consumers, counterfeiting, public corruption, money laundering, gambling, embezzlement and swindling, for example.

Mostly, white collar and blue collar crimes involves financial transaction. Most of the crimes are related to embezzlement of money or funds. However, even when financial transactions are involved, it hurts other people because it may be their hard earned money involved. It is a crime nevertheless. Blue collar and white collar crimes reflect on the society by and large because despite the fact that they are educated, these people still involve themselves in wrong methods of earning money.

The punishment for such crimes depends on the extent of crime and the money involved. If it involves a large sum of money, then it could also mean jail or prison for the offenders. If an offender has cheated several people, then he or she has to pay fines and also serve some prison time.

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Define Key Laws Used In Blue And White Collar Crimes

Examples-Of-White-Collar-Crimes      White collar crimes are the kind of crimes that are committed by business people, entrepreneurs, public officials, including politicians, and also professionals. It can be anything like deception, cheating, and embezzlement of funds or cheating. It does not involve any violence or crime like street based crimes. Nevertheless, white collar crimes can hurt people and their trust by and large. It also means cheating people of their hard earned money. More..




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Define Key Laws Used In Blue And White Collar Crimes )
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