What Are White Collar Crimes ?  

An estimated statistical result shows that the white collar crimes nearly cost $300 billion to the United States of America on a yearly basis. This report was released by the FBI. This kind of crimes includes a wide variety of crimes like the act of bribery, fraud, computer crimes, insider trading in the stock markets, securities fraud, embezzlement of funds, and stealing, counterfeiting, cheating, misleading, manipulation of information and so on. The list of crimes according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation is endless.

White collar crimes occur in every kind of organization and anyone who has the power actually can manipulate it. Some kinds of white collar crimes are done in the form of networks. For example, pyramid sales are the biggest type of fraud because they are putting one person’s money to the use of another and so on and forming a chain. In this kind of a scheme, a network of people is responsible for committing the crime.

With the onset of the internet generation there is whiter collar crimes that are coming into light. People are discovering new ways to cheat others through email, chat and also social networking sites. In these kinds of sites, the access to people’s information is wide and also the security is compromised. People reveal their information and are prone to identify theft and so on. Even these are types of white collar crimes where people are led to believe in someone and are cheated later on the same account. Sometimes we ourselves compromise on our safety.

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What Are White Collar Crimes ?

White-Collar-Crimes-Vs-Street-Crime      Crime in the society is the biggest plaguing factor and there are several kinds of crimes that harm the society. They are white collar crimes, blue collar crimes and also street crimes. White collar crimes are a type of criminal activities which involves finances mostly, and also acts like bribery, cheating, embezzling, misrepresentation, counterfeiting, and internet fraud and so on. The list for white collar crimes can be endless and with more new kinds of crimes coming into picture. White collar crime does not involve any violence and nobody gets harmed at the end of the day. They may harm people financially and cause them a lot of stress and so on. More..




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What Are White Collar Crimes ? )
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