Is It Possible To Reverse Accutane Hair Loss ?  

Using Accutane extensively makes the user prone to its adverse side effects. Losing hair is one such side effect. Prolonged use of the drug makes the hair thin considerably. However, this is not an irreversible side effect. It is undesirable and unpleasant to say the least, but is not a permanent damage.

If hair loss occurs during the course of the medication, once the course is completed, the hair will start growing back albeit slowly. It takes a rather long time though.

The process of restoration can start as late as nine months to a year after one discontinues using the drug. It is easier for the women who face severe hair loss than the men. One should not unnecessarily stress about it as that hampers the normal growth. One should take care to have a completely nutritious diet to help the process of hair growth. Together with the loss of hair, the quality of hair suffers as well. The hair tends to become exceedingly dry and split ends start making an appearance.

Another rather alarming observation that has been made is that for some people who are on a particularly high dose of Accutane, tend to become sensitive to Vit. A, to the extent that their bodies cannot tolerate any small amount of the vitamin, even in the food they consume. This effect lasts even after one is taken off the medication. It is important to keep in mind that everyone’s body is different and thus react differently to the medicine. Some experience complete hair loss, some experience considerable thinning of hair. Some take nine months to get back their luster while others may come nowhere close to salvation even after two years. Thus one should keep these things in mind before taking Accutane. Sufficient research should be made so that the individual knows what all the side effects of the drug are before using it.

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Is It Possible To Reverse Accutane Hair Loss

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Is It Possible To Reverse Accutane Hair Loss ? )
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