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The general medical name for Aredia is pamidronate disodium. This medicine is produced by Novartis. It serves as an effective cure for malignant hypercalcemia, Paget’s disease, osteolytic metastases of bones and malignant meoplasm of the breast, as well as for the osteolytic lesions in multiple myeloma. Aredia is classified as a bisphosphonate.

Other drugs in this category are Zometa, Fosamax and Actonel. Aredia is a bisphosphonate, which is administered intravenously. The bisphosphonates retard the calcium breakdown in bones by reducing the action of osteoclasts. The drug has been granted consent by the FDA in the year 1991.More...


Aredia Side Effects

Aredia Side Effects

Many clinical tests have been conducted and the consequences of Aredia have been studied. Two groups of people were used in the experiments. One control group and the other group consisting of people who were taking the drug. This study helped figure out what various consequences were.

The studies showed that nausea occurred in about 63.5 percent of the subjects and vomiting occurred in about 46.3 percent. Anemia occurred up to 47.8 percent. Fatigue and lethargy occurred up to 40.3 percent. Some patients were subjected to fever, 38.5 percent to be precise. Some people, approximately 32.2 percent, were also susceptible to the common cold. Loss of hunger occurred in another 31.1 percent of the subjects.More...


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Aredia litigation - Aredia side effects



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