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Avandia is a drug manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline PLC. Avandia helps to lower blood sugar as well as keep it checked. It enables the body’s natural insulin to function better. It works best of patients with Type 2 diabetes. Additional medication may be used with Avandia if a proper exercise and diet cannot control the sugar level in plasma.More...

How Does Avandia Cause Fluid Retention ?

How Does Avandia Cause Fluid Retention

Fluid Retention, a clinical condition marked by excessive retention of fluid in various tissues of the patients leading to edema, can be caused due to a number of diseases. It can also be caused as a consequence of administration of certain drugs and drug interactions. One such medicine, the administration of which is known to result in the condition in majority of patients, is called Avandia.

Avandia is an anti-diabetic drug prescribed for treatment of NIDDM (Non-Insulin Dependent or Type II Diabetes). It contains an active ingredient called Rosiglitazone Maleate, also called Glitazone or Thiazolidinedione, which has the anti-diabetic properties. It is this Glitazone that enhances susceptibility of the muscle cells, fat cells and the liver to absorb insulin from bloodstream. It thus manages to bring down the sugar level in blood plasma to optimal levels. However, the interaction between Rosiglitazone and the Avandia compounds may sometimes prove harmful and lead to this serious consequence, a rare but prominent side effect of Avandia administration.More...


Avandia Recall

Avandia Recall

Avandia is prescribed for patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes but the consequences of the medicine are potentially more fatal. The drug causes severe heart conditions from blockage, angina to insufficient blood being pumped. FDA specialists have allegedly found that 83,000 cardiac arrests have been a result of the medicine. The AMA has said that prolonged use for almost a year can result in heart failure.

Since the report issued by the AMA in 2007, the FDA issued a public safety warning to make the masses aware of the health hazards. However no further actions were taken. Many people were angered and insisted for recall. In 2008, an advocacy group for consumers, called ‘Public Citizen’, filed an appeal with FDA for the recall of Avandia. The group conducted its own investigation and identified 14 instances of failure of liver and nearly twelve deaths when they examined a small control group of users of Avandia. This autonomous research reinforced the findings of earlier studies.More...


Avandia Muscle Side Effects

Avandia Muscle Side Effects

Manufactured my GlaxoSmithKline PLC, Avandia is a Rosiglitazone, which is prescribed to cure diabetics who fall into the category of type 2. It prompts the body’s natural insulin to work more efficiently. But, one major consequence of the medicine is that severe heart conditions can result after its consumption. The muscles in the heart tend to malfunction and prevent blood from being pumped properly. This leads to cardiac arrests. Several cases of angina too have been reported as well.

Apart from the muscular malfunctions in the heart, muscles are affected elsewhere in the body. Avandia users are known to suffer from frequent back pains and headaches. Both are caused by muscle tension and rigidity. Some people have cited instances when they have suffered from swollen limbs and joints as well. Patients have complained that they were unable to walk for more than ten minutes before they experience leg pain. The calf muscles are prone to becoming stiff and knees pop suddenly.More...


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How does avandia cause fluid retention? - Avandia muscle side effects



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