Coughing From Chewing Tobacco  

While most people are aware of the reality that smoking can cause that is called a smoker’s cough. Tobacco contains a highly addictive substance called nicotine. The fumes containing nicotine enters the lungs and form black particles there, which can result in cancerous cells.

But not too many people realize that tobacco chewing can also lead to heavy coughing and general discomfort. The nicotine enlarges mucous glands and causes excess production of phlegm and coughing fits. The phlegm that is expelled from the body is usually black in color for heavy users of tobacco.

The juices produced when tobacco is chewed irritate the tissues of mouth and throat. This leads to sore throats as the shredded tobacco leaf liquefies in spit and filters down to the throat while washing over mouth lining and tongue. The juices also reduce the tissues resistance to diseases resulting in infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

This too can cause severe coughing. There is a constant nagging feeling of something lodged in the throat that cannot be cleared out which again results in violent coughing.

However, the gravest consequence of tobacco chewing is the cancer in the throat and oral cavity. Some negative impacts of tobacco chewing are as follows: bad breath, discoloration of the teeth and lips, sores in the mouth, decay of teeth, gum bleeding, lung and oral cancer, increased risk of brain damage and heart failure. White patches appear in the mouth or the gums. Sores do not heal or take a long time to help. Users experience difficulties while chewing their food and while trying to move their jaw and tongue.

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Coughing From Chewing Tobacco

Diseases-Caused-By-Chewing-Tobacco      Most people think tobacco chewing is a safer substitute to smoking. This is a misconception because studies have proved that chewed tobacco has higher levels of nicotine than cigarettes. Tobacco chewing is the shredded and twisted from of tobacco leaves which is administered orally and placed between the gum and the teeth or cheeks. More..




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Coughing From Chewing Tobacco )
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