Mirapex Litigation  

The manufacturers of Mirapex are Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer. This drug is administered to patients who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and Parkinson’s disease. The manufacturers have been summoned before a court after class action case was filed against them because of irresponsible production and marketing of Mirapex.

This lawsuit happened after two case studies were conducted in Arizona by the Md. Ali Parkinson Research Center in 2003 and by Mayo Clinic (2005). The result of these studies showed that patients using Mirapex developed reckless behavior, which included compulsive sexual behavior and gambling.

The case alleges that the manufacturers were sentient of the negative effects and released the drugs anyway without listing the defects with the FDA. After the drug was released Boehringer and Pfizer started listing this kind of reckless behavior as a possible side effect. This lawsuit has been set for a multi-district lawsuit. This means that all lawsuits against the manufacturers will be presented in Minnesota’s Northern District in front of the Federal Court. Cases filed elsewhere shall be relocated to Minnesota by the court’s own decision or by a counsel’s motion.

In 2008, a federal jury granted $8.2 million to a plaintiff who filed a lawsuit against Mirapex’s manufacturers. Gary Charbonneau claimed that the drug pushed him to compulsively gamble and claimed to have lost $260,000 and more in casinos. He alleged that the manufacturers knew about this side effect but did not make this information available to physicians and patients. The manufacturers claim that there is no cause and effect between the drug and the compulsive behavior. They claimed that Gary was already prone to gambling and that was the reason for the damages he faced and no the drug.

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Mirapex Litigation

Mirapex-Side-Effects      Mirapex belongs to the Pramipexole family. It is a dopamine agonist which is used to treat patients of Parkinson’s disease and RLS. It is also utilized to provide relief for cluster headaches and counteracts issues with sexual dysfunction. Mirapex is also used as a strong antidepressant for those who have bipolar depression, as it elevates the levels of dopamine in the brain’s mood centers. The drug is being investigated for the use of treating fibromyalgia and clinical depression. More..




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