Child Labor Statistics  

Child labor has become a grave issue, particularly after the Industrial Revolution. Many families started sending their children to work in different sectors to help supplement their income. Many children actually ended up working in factories where different kinds of goods were being produced. These children were exposed to harmful working conditions and it was a huge cause of concern for activists and also the governments.

When checking child labor statistics, you will not be able to get an exact number of children working in different industries, but one thing becomes clear that maximum children involved in child labor are in countries and places where no survey or accounting is done. Basically, it can be assumed from the available statistics that about 55 percent of total kids are involved in child labor all over the world.

From the statistics, it was found that maximum number of child involved in child labor are present in the sub-Saharan Africa, with around 25.3 percent of children working to supplement the incomes of their families. Then comes Asia with a percentile of 18.7. In Latin America, around 17 percent of kids are working, while in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, the percentage of children in child labor stands at 14.6 percent. Surprisingly, Northern parts of Africa and the Middle East have least number of children involved in child labor. Here the child labor statistics show that 10.2 percent of child work to help out their families economically.

Child labor is a serious problem in Southeast Asia, Nigeria and the Philippines where millions of children work in bad and unhygienic conditions. Various non-profit organizations and governments are working together to bring down the number of child working. However, there is still a lot to be done if we want to abolish child labor once and for all.

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Child Labor Statistics

Labour Laws:

Facts-About-Child-Labor-Laws      Child labor existed alongside the prevalence of slavery in the world history. However, it became a menace by the beginning of the Industrial Age in the 18th century. The growing number of factories and industries mushrooming all over the world prompted the need of work labor force. The children of that time were identified as cheap and economic labor force. Thus, they were employed in several types of factories to do all kinds of odd jobs that were not only tiring, but also detrimental to their health and wellbeing. They were paid very little wages also in exchange of such work. More..




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