International Child Labor Statistics  

Child labor is term that is used when a child under a particular age is employed, which is unlawful in almost every country. The predetermined age for defining a child labor differs in every country. Child labor is a phenomenon that is seen across the world and is considered both inhuman and exploitative by several international organizations.

This kind of labor can be seen in the form of domestic help, workers in the factory, agricultural lands, mining spots, quarrying, helping their parents or their masters in business, doing their odd jobs and even in the form of owning a business, for instance selling things like food or drinks etc. Sometimes, children are also forced for doing tedious and repetitive work such as polishing shoes, assembling boxes, weaving carpets, arranging goods in a shop etc. It has been discovered that child labor is prevalent mostly in the unorganized sectors as compared with factories and commercially registered organizations. Many times, children are seen selling things on the streets or doing household work, tucked in the cages of home, away from the media and the activists of child labor.

As per the statistics shared by the International Labor Organization, about 218 million children, who are between 5 years and 17 years of age, are working throughout the world. This figure does not include the domestic labor. Using children in military and for prostitution are the most condemned kind of child labor. However, agricultural works by children, and child artistes like singers and actors, after their school timings are acceptable by the champions of human rights and laws. The issue of child labor is a complicated and complex one that deserves time and expenses for investigation.

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International Child Labor Statistics

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Myths-About-Child-Labor      The increased interest in child labor in recent times is very often based on some myths that are essential to deal with. The first myth is that the problem of child labor is only prevalent in developing countries. But, the fact is that even in developed, industrialized countries, children are known to work in hazardous conditions. For instance, in the United States, child labor exists as children work in the agricultural sector, a majority of who are immigrants or belong to families of ethnic-minority. More..




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International Child Labor Statistics )
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