Employment Discrimination And Sexual Harassment Training  

There have been significant developments in the legal framework in terms of employee discrimination and harassment. This has compelled employers to adopt mandatory sexual harassment and discrimination training for the entire work force. Here are some notable guidelines for sexual harassment training.

According to the 1999 EEOC guidelines the employer should impart training to all employees to ensure the employees know and understand their rights and responsibilities related with workplace sexual harassment. An employer should also ensure that the managers and supervisors of the company are well aware of the anti-harassment policy and understand their responsibility. This can be achieved only through periodic training.

The 2004 Federal Sentencing Guidelines states that public, private, government or non-profit organizations should have “periodic” ethics and legal compliance training. The training reduces potential fines of up to 95 percent and.

In California, employers who have employed fifty or more employees must conduct sexual harassment training to all California-based supervisors for at least two hours. The programs should be highly interactive with Q and A type of interactivity and mandatory exercises. There should also be E-learning programs. It also states that employers must track and archive the individual training records for two years.  

Connecticut also provides guidelines for employers with more than 50 employees. According to the guidelines employers must provide sexual harassment training to all supervisory employees for at least 2 hours within 6 months. The guidelines also encourage re-training every 3 years.

Harassment training certainly has some fruitful results. According to ELT’s harassment training survey results:

  • About 50 percent of organizations are training not only their supervisors but also employees.
  • Almost 60 percent employees conduct harassment training for the entire organization and 65 percent of respondents said that the legal expertise, interactivity and quality of the training program are significant aspects of training.

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Employment Discrimination And Sexual Harassment Training

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