Supervisors Guideline Discrimination Employment  

Employment discrimination is quite rampant in today’s global economy. Employees are discriminated on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity, national origin, color, religion, disability age and other reasons.

It is very important to have proper guidelines for supervisors to deal with employment discrimination situations. There are guidelines which each state provides for companies. The purpose of guidelines is to educate and train supervisors, (including directors, managers, central administrators, deans and other employees who may carry supervisory employees), with information needed in order to respond to complaints of harassment and discrimination. The guidelines also provide information needed in order to respond to requests for reasonable accommodation for disability.  

General Guidelines for Supervisors with Respect to Harassment and Discrimination:

If a supervisor witness’ discrimination or harassment in the work place, he can address it immediately to the employer or may consult with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity for any help to address the situation. The supervisor, with the assistance of EOD can provide training and education to employees. Online training through Access plus is another great option to introduce and remind about the problems of discrimination and harassment to employees. The supervisor may also go for counseling and disciplinary measures, if necessary.

If the supervisor is aware of possible discrimination or harassment but there is no formal or informal complaint, then he or she should inform the Office of Equal Opportunity. If a supervisor receives a complaint of harassment or discrimination, he must notify the Office of Equal Opportunity and diversity. If the complainant wishes to proceed formally, then it is the duty of the supervisor to direct him or her to the Office of Equal Opportunity to file a written complaint, duly signed.

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Supervisors Guideline Discrimination Employment

Labour Laws:

Affidavit-For-Employment-Discrimination      Employment discrimination means unfair employment practices such as discrimination in promotion, job assignment, termination, compensation and hiring. Most countries have laws that prohibit employers from discriminating an applicant or employee on the basis of color, religion, sex, and race, mental or physical disability and age. More..




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Supervisors Guideline Discrimination Employment )
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