United States Employment Privacy Rights  

         Most states acknowledge an employees privacy rights which the employer must not invade. Even federal and state laws provide protection to employees against invasion of privacy by employers. More...

Verifying Employment And Right To Financial Privacy

Verifying Employment And Right To Financial Privacy

When it was found that bank customers had no legal right to privacy in case of their financial information held by financial institutions, the RFPA (Right to Financial Privacy Act) was enacted. The law requires government agencies to provide individuals with notice.

The RFPA limits the rights of the federal government to retrieve financial records of individuals. It also limits the rights of financial institutions to disclose such records to the government. More...


Employment Termination Appeal Rights

Employment Termination Appeal Rights

Recession has certainly resulted in dwindling profits and downsizing. In such circumstances, organizations may end up working relationship with an employee any time without any valid reasons. The employee may be temporarily or permanently laid off or fired, or asked to resign with little without prior notice. It is the responsibility of employees to be aware of various options available.

Most private sector companies follow the “employment at will” doctrine. If the termination is unjust, then the employee has the right to appeal against such actions.  More...



Do Convicted Murderers And Rapists Have Employment Rights ?

Do Convicted Murderers And Rapists Have Employment Rights

Most of the American legal establishments staunchly support hiring rights of criminals. A few years ago, the Wisconsin state bar opposed the effort to give more freedom to employers who considered records. The federal Equal Employment Opportunity commission considers it unlawful if an employer turns away persons convicted or charged with serious crimes like murder or rape.

Connecticut law declares that a person is not disqualified from state employment only because of prior conviction in crime. But the state can deny employment if the person is found unsuitable for a particular job after considering the time elapsed since the conviction or release, the nature of the crime and the degree of rehabilitation (CGS § 46a-80). More...





Employment Rights For the Disabled - Employment Termination Appeal Rights

Labour Laws:

Employment-Rights-For-The-Disabled      Discrimination on the grounds of disability in a hiring process or on a work space can take several different forms. Some employers use pre-employment health screening to identify whether a job applicant is suffering from any disability and then refuse job resume or application. Others deny promotion, training and any kind of fringe benefits to employees with disabilities. More..




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