Fair Labor Act Protecting Labor Rights  

     Fair Labor Act is designed to protect labor rights. Labor rights popularly called workers’ rights relate to the negotiation of workers’ wages, benefits and reasonable working conditions. Labor rights are a form of human rights intended to protect the interests and well being of workers. These rights include right to form workers’ union, bargaining for a better pay package and ensuring a better industrial atmosphere on part of the employer.


       It is recognized everywhere that unless workers are encouraged and feel satisfied the productivity can not increase. When the labor force remains depressed and dejected, the progress of work tends to slow down taking much longer to be completed and in the process leading to cost escalation and poor industrial relation. A poor industrial relation gets translated into suspicion and a stalemate between workers and the employer. Several studies have confirmed that the cost of maintaining a good industrial relation between the worker and the employer is much less than the indirect cost incurred in maintaining and persuading a depressed and de-motivated workforce. The policy should be to pacify and satisfy the workers by handling disputed matters tactfully and meaningfully. All know the age-old principle that a satisfied customer is the best advertisement.

       The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA, 1935) serves as the framework for regulation of private labor relation management by the federal government. The law makes illegal interference by the employer in areas such as formation of labor unions, collective bargaining through unions and concerted activities like strikes. The law asks the employer to abandon the policy of following unfair practices and to bargain with the unions in “good faith”. The US Taft-Hartley amendment to NLRA allows states to pass “right-to-work” where the job of a worker will not be affected by the worker’s acceptance or non-acceptance of the union membership. The Landrum-Griffin amendment to NLRA made provisions for further legal rights to union members to participate in internal management of their unions.

       For the betterment of the society, the labor rights should be respected and given due recognition.





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Fair Labor Act Protecting Labor Rights )
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