Worker Compensation Law Advice  

      In 2006, workplace injuries affected thousands of employees and cost U.S. companies more than $110 billion. It is quite possible that if you own a firm, you might have to deal with a workplace injury sooner or later. While if you are a worker, you or a family member might have the misfortune of sustaining an injury at your workplace. More..

Fair Labor Act Protecting Labor Rights

Fair Labor Act Protecting Labor Rights        Fair Labor Act is designed to protect labor rights. Labor rights popularly called workers’ rights relate to the negotiation of workers’ wages, benefits and reasonable working conditions. Labor rights are a form of human rights intended to protect the interests and well being of workers. These rights include right to form workers’ union, bargaining for a better pay package and ensuring a better industrial atmosphere on part of the employer. More...

Facts About Child Labor Laws

Facts About Child Labor Laws

Child labor existed alongside the prevalence of slavery in the world history. However, it became a menace by the beginning of the Industrial Age in the 18th century. The growing number of factories and industries mushrooming all over the world prompted the need of work labor force. The children of that time were identified as cheap and economic labor force. Thus, they were employed in several types of factories to do all kinds of odd jobs that were not only tiring, but also detrimental to their health and wellbeing. They were paid very little wages also in exchange of such work. More...



Mandatory Injunction For Employment Discrimination

Mandatory Injunction For Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination occurs when employers single out employees or job candidates illegally or on the grounds of race, sex, age national origin, disability. According to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), employers cannot discriminate applicants or current employees in the following aspects of employment: More...


Employment Rights For The Disabled

Employment Rights For The Disabled

Discrimination on the grounds of disability in a hiring process or on a work space can take several different forms. Some employers use pre-employment health screening to identify whether a job applicant is suffering from any disability and then refuse job resume or application. Others deny promotion, training and any kind of fringe benefits to employees with disabilities.More...


What Constitutes Wrongful Termination ?

What Constitutes Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination generally means an unfair discharge for an employee. However, there are certain exceptions for unfair employment discharge. Wrongful termination can also be referred to as wrongful discharge or wrongful dismissal, wrongful firing, illegal dismissal, discharge or termination.More...


Retirement Planning And Peace Of Mind

Retirement Planning And Peace Of Mind

The only question most individuals aged 25 to 30 think about is why should they plan for retirement? It is very important to understand that we must take our retirement into our own hands in the first place. Retirement planning is the best way to save for the future.More...





Pay Discrimination Disparate Impact - Labor Law And Unpaid Training Time

Labour Laws:

Laws Protecting Working Woman

Laws Protecting Working Woman      Women workers have played an import role in the development of United States and strengthening its economy. Working women have successfully managed to overcome constant tensions and mental worries normally associated with multitasking. Working women have not only faced the challenges of globalization successfully but they have also managed the .More...

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