Important Facts About Child Labor Laws  

It has been estimated by the International Labor Office (ILO) that 220 million children between 5 and 17 are engaged in some form of child labor. Every individual should be aware of the significance of child labor laws in the US to prevent child labor.

Here are some important facts about federal child labor laws in the US:

  1. The Fair Labor Standard’s Act (FLSA) is designed to protect a minor’s educational opportunities. It is designed to protect a minor by prohibiting their employment in jobs and under conditions harmful to their health and well being.
  2. The FLSA regulates child labor by:
    • Setting minimum ages for all non-hazardous jobs
    • Setting minimum ages for jobs that are considered hazardous
    • Limiting the number of hours for minors to work
  3. According to the FLSA, the minimum age for hazardous work in agriculture is 16. The minimum age for hazardous work in all sectors of the economy is 18.
  4. The minimum age for non-hazardous work according to the FLSA is 14 years in agricultural activities and the minimum age for non-hazardous work in non-agricultural activities is 16 years.
  5. Some exceptions:

5.1 A minor aged 12 or 13 may work if there is consent from his or her parent and that the parent or guardian is employed in the same farm.

5.2 If a minor is under the age of 12, he may work

  • On the farm operated by the parent or guardian and is employed by the parent.
  • The minor is employed on a small farm with the consent of a parent or guardian
  1. Child actors and child performers are not subject to the FLSA’s child labor protections.
    • A minor engaged in newspaper delivery work is protected by FLSA’s child labor protections.

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Important Facts About Child Labor Laws

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