Alimony Guidelines  

Conventionally an absolute divorce was possible but most of the seekers evaded it due to the intervention of senate therefore normally seekers approached religious courts for separation from spouse. The idea of alimony came into existence once the Senate started granting religious courts the rights to award an absolute divorce.

The concept of alimony no longer prevails it was primarily intended to support unemployed wives whose husbands were the sole earners. In few cases based on whose fault was adjudged the major cause behind breakdown of marriage that party was asked to pay the alimony.

The Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act subsequently recognized a different aspect of alimony, and identified it as maintenance. The main focus of this act was to self support the spouse, the awards were, therefore, short term until they acquire desired skills to become self sufficient. This, however, did not work well for spouses who had separated after long period of marriages. These reforms were actually based on a vague theory of “need” which often left courts with many unrequited queries like survival level, the standard of living during the marriage, transfer of money to obtain self support, fair distribution of income from different streams during the course of the marriage among other factors.

The American Law Institute (ALI) considers marriage to be an economic partnership. Therefore, when a marriage ends, the economic losses incurred by each partner is revealed and shared. ALI guidelines are based on the facts that dissolution of marriage leads to loss of income opportunities, lesser capacity to earn money when on parent is the main care giver, and lesser income of one of the spouse due to sacrifices made during the period of the marriage. Under these guidelines finally, a spouse is being compensated on the basis of loss of a return for the investment he or she made in terms of human resources.

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