How To Stop Paying Alimony  

How to stop paying alimony? Is a question often put forth by a spouse who wants to get rid of alimony obligation under any circumstances.

By law alimony automatically terminates at the death of the spouse paying it or the death of the recipient or the remarriage of the recipient spouse.

Depending upon the type of alimony if the alimony granted is temporary or rehabilitative, it may also terminate after the fixed duration. If the alimony type is temporary or rehabilitative, then the term of alimony is obviously set forth in divorce decree. One should go through the divorce documents thoroughly to see how long this obligation continues, if it is stipulated somewhere in the decree then the spouse can take a lawyer's help and apply in court for reduction or complete termination of the alimony.

If the person receiving alimony remarries, gets a higher paying job or receives ancestral property or something of that nature, then the payer spouse can also apply for reduction in alimony. If the payer spouse losses his job due to some reason or he opts for early retirement due to bad physical health or there is reduction in wages due to recession in global market or if he declares himself bankrupt, then the payee spouse can take the help of local attorney and file a petition to modify alimony obligation or complete termination of alimony on the grounds of “change in circumstances”. However, laws regarding alimony or spousal support differ from state to state and it also depends upon the divorce decree which is formulated at the time of divorce, but alimony generally end upon remarriage or cohabitation of the receiving spouse.

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How To Stop Paying Alimony

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